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Saskatoon Beries are a "Super Fruit". The word "Super Fruit" refers to antioxandant rich fruits. Saskatoon Berries naturally rich dark royal purple color comes from anthocyanins. Saskatoon Berries rank high in berries rich in anthocyanins with 562.4 mg / 100 g dry basis.


There have been numerous studies and research on the nutritional values of high antioxidant content fruits that help to fight cancers and heart diseases. Consumers are looking for more natural and healthy fruits to add into their diet. One of the studies done by C.Hu, B.H.L. Kwok, and D.D Kitts shows Saskatoon Berries are good source of anthocyanins (Phytochemical Antioxidant)1 . Recent research indicates that Saskatoon berries have higher levels of antioxidants compared to other more common berries such as wild blueberries, strawberries and raspberries.

Antioxidants rich fruits may also have health contribution in heart diseases. Research showed anthocyanins from fruits "inhibits in vitro oxidation of human low-density lipoprotein" 2,3, and serving fruits rich in flavonoids compounds "has shown to be inversely related to coronary heart disease mortality" 4,5. Other studies and research have shown that anthocaynins rich fruits could help in reducing oxidative stress associated with aging 6,7.

Nutrition and Health

From a nutritional perspective Saskatoon berries contain a very high source of fibre. A 3/4 cup (100gram) serving of frozen Saskatoon berries contain 6 grams of fibre or 24% of the daily requirement.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands how good the fibre helps our bodies to defend against certain diseases. Fibre contributes to reducing the risks of heart diseases, diverticular disease 8, and evidence now shows a possibility of defence against diabetes. "Studies found that high total dietary fiber intake was linked to 40 percent lower risk of coronary heart disease, compared to a low fiber intake. Soluble fibre breaks down as it passes though the digestive tract, forming a gel that raps some substances related to high cholesterol. There is some evidence that soluble fibre may lessen heart disease risks by reducing the absorption of cholesterol into the bloodstream. 9"

Benefit for those with diabetes. "Soluble fibre may help control blood sugar by delaying gastric (stomach) emptying, retarding the entry of glucose into the bloodstream and lessening the postprandial (post-meal) rise in blood sugar. It may lessen insulin requirements in those with type 1 diabetes. Because fibre slows the digestion of foods, it can help blunt the sudden spikes in blood glucose that may occur after a low-fibre meal.

Other Nutrients

Saskatoon berries just don't quit when it comes to health and nutrition. Saskatoon Berries are a source of 5 essential vitamins and minerals. Exploring the health benefits of Saskatoon berries today, is the one step forward reaching healthy lifestyle.

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