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Frozen berries

Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) Saskatoon Berries

Taste the FRESHNESS of these Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) Saskatoon berries. Saskatoons are very high source of fibre - 1 cup of Saskatoon berries provide you with 24% of your daily fibre intake.

  • Packed as 11 kg boxes

Experience the unique flavour of Canada’s prestigious prairie grown Saskatoon Berries. A generous handful of this exotic fruit increases the nutritional benefit of any recipe as Saskatoon berries are a high source of fibre and antioxidants. The IQF berries make a great ingredient for muffins, smoothies, fruit parfaits, crumbles and fruit filling.

Pie Fillings

Pie Fillings

Prairie Berries Saskatoon berry pie filling tantalize your taste buds with a delicious fruit flavour. The award-winning pie fillings boast 70% fruit and add a gourmet ingredient on your fine dining restaurant menu providing your customers with a taste second only to Gramma’s very own home baked Saskatoon berries pies. Not only is the pie filling heaped with berries and taste, its good for your health as it contains a very good source of fibre (6 grams) in a 100ml serving, 6% iron, 4% calcium.

  • Packed as 2 , 4.5 , and 11 litre pails
  • Flavours:
    Saskatoon berry, Summer Berry
Sundae Topping

Sundae Style Gourmet Fruit Topping

Devilishy delicious is the best way to describe this perfect fruit explosion. Simple and easy to use. Drizzling the gourmet fruit toppings on icecream, cheesecakes, short cakes, or yogurt transforms them into delectable mouth watering culinary creations.

  • Packed 2 , 4.5, 11 litre pails
  • Flavours:
    Saskatoon berry, Black currant, Summer Berry, Raspberry, and Strawberry
Dried Berries

Sweeten Dried Saskatoon Berries

Prairie Berries all natural dried fruit brings out the uique and distinctive notes of the tart – sweet flavour of the Saskatoon berry. Terrific eaten by the handful as a nutritional snack or perfect for ingredients sprinkled into a salad, bagels, muffins, cereal or favourite recipe. The sweeten dried Saskatoon berries are made by the best selection of Saskatoon berries nature has to offer.

  • Source of Antioxidant, Fibre and 5 Essential vitamins and minerals
  • Packed 2 x 5 kg sealed bag / case
Berry Puree

Saskatoon Berry Puree

Prairie Berries rich tasting fruit puree is like a splash of refreshing fruit when added to yogurts, fruit bars, and, smoothies. Purple Packs a Punch in this whole fruit puree. It adds a nutritional boost unlike any other.

  • 15% - 23% brix
  • Packed 10 Litre, 20 litre pails, and 204 litre drums
Berry Concentrate

Saskatoon Berry Concentrate

The rich deep purple coloured concentrate has the unique sweet -- tart taste of Saskatoon berries.

  • 50% brix
  • Packed 20 litre pail and 204 litre drum

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Prairie Berries Inc. is a Canadian based food company specializing in Saskatoon berries to offer this SuperFruit to customers around the world in a secure reliable manner. Our objective is to be the industry leader through our reputation for quality and integrity of the Saskatoon berry products.

Our philosophy at Prairie Berries Inc. is to work together with growers, suppliers, customers, and employees to develop long term cooperative alliances by which all parties find mutual benefit through the production, processing, and marketing of Saskatoon berries.

Prairie Berries Inc.
Keeler, SK, Canada

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